Grow Your Real Estate Business With DIGSTV

An Exclusive Ad Platform for Local TV Streaming

The new way real estate professionals are turbocharging their businesses with hyper-local targeted streaming TV advertising.

Reach your target audience in any zip code

Use our turn-key DIGSTV streaming TV solution to get your local advertising message delivered to the right customers, at the right time, wherever they are, on their preferred connected device.

Get seen on all the top-rated channels + over 450 premium networks

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The new way to attract customers

Television advertising has traditionally been the most expense advertising media available only to big budget brands and out of reach for local businesses.

Not anymore – connected / streaming TV have changed the rules. Today the fastest growing advertising platform is streaming TV.

It’s true – Americans spend more time streaming than they do on all the other social networks combined, according to eMarketer.

DIGSTV helps real estate professionals capitalize on the fastest growing advertising platform – connected TV – so they can become household names in the communities they serve.

One seamless experience

1. Choose Your Zip Codes / Market

Target audiences in as many zip codes as you want to maximize reach and impact.

2. Choose Your Property

Send us your high-resolution property images and we’ll produce a custom-branded TV commercial with professionally written script and voiceover.

3. Run Your 30-Second TV Commercial!

We’ll get your targeted TV commercial airing on premium networks in the next 7 days or less!

Maximize your advertising budget & ROI

Why waste precious time and money marketing to people who are not in the market to buy a luxury home when you can precision target your ideal customers where they live?

Track, measure and analyze your campaign data with total transparency with post campaign insights and analytics.

TV is the most effective advertising channel. With DIGSTV you’ll generate an average of +83% ROI which is the highest of every digital advertising acquisition channel.

On-Demand Media Exposure for Agents that Increase Brand Authority, Creditability, & Trust. Get instant recognition for your real estate business with DIGStv.


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