Do you know when your next real estate sale will come?

Influence local homeowners and win new listings because they see your ads on TV.

*Now you can advertise your listings on TV and be seen on the biggest screen in the house at rates comparable to direct mail!

Would you like to be the most recognized real estate agent in town?

It’s true, targeted TV advertising works best because you’re seen on every screen in the house.
Precision Targeting

Target Your Ideal Audience on TV

Choose your local farm area in any neighborhood, city, or zip code you want.

Connected Devices

Reach Your Target Audiences Wherever They Are

Connect with your specific audiences on all screens across any device.
Premium Networks

TV Ads Appear on the Most Popular Shows

Your 30-second TV commercial will be seen on all the top-rated channels and over 450+ premium networks.

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Be Known

Supercharge Your Brand Authority

Become the go-to real estate agent and local influencer in your community.

Choose your Market Media Message

TV streaming targeting options.
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Your Targeted TV Ads Appears on Top Streaming Networks & the Most Popular Channels!

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One seamless experience

1. Choose Your Zip Codes / Market

Target audiences in as many zip codes as you want to maximize reach and impact.

2. Choose Your Property

Send us your high-resolution property images and we’ll produce a custom-branded TV commercial with professionally written script and voiceover.

3. Run Your 30-Second TV Commercial!

We’ll get your targeted TV commercial airing on premium networks in the next 7 days or less!

TV is the most effective
advertising channel. With DIGSTV you’ll generate an average of +83% ROI which is the highest every digital advertising acquisition channel.

A better way to market your listings & local brand

Television advertising has traditionally been the most expensive advertising medium out there…and not a good fit for agents to advertise their real estate listings, but not anymore!

Connected / Streaming TV has changed the rules.

Did you know that connected TV penetration in the United States rose to an all-time high in 2022, with 87% of American households owning at least one internet-connected TV device?

DIGSTV helps real estate agents capitalize on the fastest-growing video advertising platform – connected TV – and become household names in the communities they serve.

And the fastest-growing video advertising platform is now connected TV

Special Fall TV Promo


  • What's Included:
  • Fully Produced 30-Second TV Commercial with Professional Script & Voiceover
  • Aired on 450+ Streaming Networks & Top-Rated Channels
  • YouTube Video Link to use on social media
  • Trackable Custom QR Code Embed with Link to any Landing Page You Choose
  • Post TV Ad Campaign Analytics Report

Want to dominate your local market and own the competition?

Get the DIGStv Advantage Plan and take your business to the next level!

DIGSTV – The Ad Platform for Hyper-Local TV Streaming

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