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Architect Design Build — Homes As a Work of Art

In this episode of DIGStv, we take a look at architecture from three very different perspectives: Architects, Realtors, and the Owners. How does a home become a work of art? How do you preserve them for generations to come?

We take you through the stories of three iconic architectural homes and discuss the history of each home and the people involved.

Featuring Realtors Ari Afshar, and Crosby Doe of Crosby Doe Associates, and Architects Edward Niles, and Dion Neutra, and owners Don Caverhill member of the classic band The Kingsmen who commissioned Zoltan Pali for his Briarcrest architectural home, and Dr. Wei-tzuoh Chen owner of a fine oceanfront Malibu work of art. 

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John Van Hamersveld and The Endless Summer

DIGStv sits down with famed artist and graphic designer John Van Hamersveld, creator of The Endless Summer film poster. Also, an inside look at the Thom Mayne and Pritzker price winning architectural masterpiece in Hermosa Beach, California.

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Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Byron Scott

Byron Scott’s leadership style as a coach is embedded with the experience of having been one of the guys lacing up his sneakers and heading onto the court each night. The difference between being a player and a coach? Shifting from a singular perspective to a collective one.