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Meridith Baer of Meridith Baer Homes — A Stage of Her Making

DIGStv with Constance Dunn gives you a exclusive behind the scenes look around Meridith Baer Home’s massive Los Angeles interior design and home furnishing warehouse lead by famed interior designer and home stager Meridith Baer herself.

Meridith Baer discusses how she transitioned from being a screenwriter in her 50s to become one of the most well-known names in interior design for the last decade, with all the challenges and the payoffs — an inspiring storying of a self-made woman in business.

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Architect Design Build — Homes As a Work of Art

DIGStv sits down with famed artist and graphic designer John Van Hamersveld, creator of The Endless Summer film poster. Also, an inside look at the Thom Mayne and Pritzker price winning architectural masterpiece in Hermosa Beach, California.